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Important / popular tourist centers are being developed in Jalna district, some of them have religious and pilgrimage Places. Mammadevi, Anandswamy Monastery, Durgamata Temple is famous in Jalna city, also there is a Hemadpanthi temple of Matsyodari Devi on a fish-shaped hill in Ambad, Nearly 400 years ago, Chaughada and Kalyanswamy’s Mridang are found in Ambad and also Venu Bai’s tanpura is found in a collection of music lovers. Ganapati Rajur is one of the Ashtavinayaka Ganesha of Marathwada. Jam is the birthplace of Samarth Ramdas Swamy in Taluka Ghansawangi, where he has a temple there. Helas, Taluka Mantha is the village of HemathriPant, the architect of the sculpture. There is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva in Anwa village in Bhokardan taluka and there are carved sculptures in this place. Apart from this, there is a famous dargah in Roonaprada taluka Ambad and Every year there Urur is celebrated every year.

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