Head of Earth Station :  Sh. G. K. REDDY, IRRS G K Reddy

Contact Details            :  Phone Number: 02482-225300, 225301. Fax:  02482-225300.

Email                             :  ismes-dot[at]nic[dot]in

Office Address             :  International Satellite Monitoring Earth Station, Indewadi, Ambad Road Jalna, Maharashtra – 431203.

ISMES stands for International Satellite Monitoring Earth Station, which is a facility under Ministry of Communication & IT, Department of Telecom, Wireless Monitoring Organisation. It is located in Jalna district of Maharashtra state in India.

It was established in the year 1992-93 with the help of Space Application Centre, ISRO, Ahmedabad to protect the Indian Satellites getting interfered from Foreign Satellites located in the geo-synchronous orbital arc over India.

ISMES is headed by an officer of Indian Radio Regulatory Services (IRRS) of Government of India.

Importance of Spectrum Monitoring

Spectrum is a limited natural resource of the country. Every citizen has the right for its legal and optimum utilization. The allocation of spectrum bandwidth for any wireless service is governed through an operating license based on certain terms and conditions. Under the provisions of Indian Telegraph Act 1885 and Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act 1933, the different types of public utility services using frequency spectrum for Wireless communication are being licensed in India. These terrestrial and satellite services using wireless technology are required to be licensed for regulating these services within the permissible limits so as to ensure simultaneous use of various types of services without getting interfered with each other. To maintain good quality of service to millions of end users, it is necessary that these service providers responsible for imparting services must adhere to the terms and conditions of Wireless Operational License granted under the above mentioned Acts by WPC Wing, Ministry of Communications & IT. Hence effective regulation and continuous monitoring of all types of wireless based services are required for legal & optimum utilisation of spectrum.

Recent activity

“Mission Orbit Spectrum” Commitment towards ensuring violation free usage of Satellite Spectrum in India.

Recently ISMES has taken an initiative named Orbit Spectrum in the field of Satellite Spectrum Monitoring and License administration ensuring violation free usage of Satellite Spectrum which is being used by service providers for imparting public utility services to millions of end users across the country. The motive of this initiative is to ensure legal & optimum utilisation of spectrum ensuring good quality of services to end users.

An E-System named “SAKAL” has been launched for monitoring of satellite TV channel getting uplinked from india w.e.f. 9th May 2016. ISMES Jalna has also entered in Limca