It is due to the dedicated services of lots of personalities of Jalna district, that made Jalna as the leading Industrial, Commercial and Cultural district in the State. Following are some of them.

Shri. Samarth Ramdas Swami :

Samarth Ramdas Swami was born at Jamb Samarth, Tq.Ghansavangi, Dist.Jalna, on Chaitra Shukla Navami Shake 1530 (as per hindu Calender), as the younger son of Suryajipant Thosar Kulkarni and Ranubai. His actual name was ‘Narayan’.

Ramdas swami written the Holy Granth “DASBODH” , “Manache Shloak” and many more Shloks and given a slogan “JAI JAI RAGHUVIR SAMARTH”. He built no. of Hanuman Temples in no of villages, through out Maharashtra, for the purpose of bringing youths at a place.

Shri. Janardan Mama :

Shri.Janardan Mama, was one of great freedom fighter of Jalna, he played a important role in the Marathwada Mukti Sangram, in which he laid down his life for motherland.

His name is Janardan Nagapurkar, but popularly known as Janardan Mama, a square in Jalna city was named as “MAMA CHOWK” in his memory.

Shri. Badrinarayn Barwale :

The founder of Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co. (Mahyco) highlighted the name of Jalna, on International map and He was also a freedom fighter. He had played a major role in introducing good quality seeds to Indian farmers and helped them to boost the Nation’s Food Supply. Indian government awarded “PADMA BHUSHAN” in 2001 and WORLD FOOD PRIZE in 1998 by the World Food Prize Foundation U.S.A.

Following are the some of honors he had been awarded for his achievements.


  • 1989 – National award for Research & Development Presented by the ministry of science and technology.
  • 1990 – Awards for notable contribution to the seeds industry in India. Presented by International Seeds and Science Technology (ISST).
  • 1990 – The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, New Delhi in recognization of corporate initiative in research for Science & Technology.
  • 1996 – Honorary Life Member of the Federation of International Seeds man (FIS) for his pivotal role in the development of the private seed industry in India and for his dedicated service to national and International seed trade organizations.
  • 1998 – THE WORLD FOOD PRIZE for outstanding achievements in the enhancement of the world’s food supply was awarded to B. R. Barwale by the World Food Prize Foundation, U.S. A.
  • 2001 – PADMA BHUSHAN on the occasion of the Republic Day Celebration on 26th January, 2001 from Govt. Of India. This award is in recognition of his distinguished services of high order in the field of Trade and Economic Activity.