Mazaar-E-Maulai Noorudin Saheb


The Mausoleum of Moulai Nuruddin named Mazaar-E-Maulai is at At Dongaon Tq.Ambad. Moulai Nuruddin was the a “Walī al-Hind” (representative/caretaker for India) of Dawoodi Bohra dawat, was designated by the Dā’ī, the center of Yemen to run the dawat in India. Moulai Nuruddin went to Cairo, Egypt, to learn, and went to India in 467 AH. and went to the Deccan. He died on Jumadi al-Ula 11 at Dongaon Tq.Ambad, Dist.Jalna.

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  • Mazaar-E-Maulai
    Mazaar-E-Maulai Noorudin Saheb
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    Mazaar Enviorment
  • Mazaar-E-Maulai Noorudin Saheb

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest airport is Chikkalthana Airport (IXU), Aurangabad, From there buses are available to Pachod.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station is Aurangabad. From there buses are available to Pachod.

By Road

Dongaon is 2 kms away from Pachod Dist. Aurangabad. Rickshaws, Share Rickshaws & Buses are available from Pachod to Dongaon.