Tourist Places

Ganesh Temple, Rajur
Shree Ganesh Temple, Rajur

The GANESH temple of Rajur is situated in north 25 k.m. away from JALNA city. On every Chathurthi lots of…

Guruganesh Bhavan
Guru Ganesh Tapodham

Guru Ganesh Tapodham is an important holy place of Jain peoples in the Jalna city. Guru Ganesh is also known…

Matsyodari Devi Mandir, Ambad
Matsyodari Devi Temple, Ambad

The Matsyodari Devi Temple  of  Ambad  situated in south   21 k.m.  away  from Jalna city. Matsyodari, so called because the…

Mazaar-E-Maulai Noorudin Saheb

The Mausoleum of Moulai Nuruddin named Mazaar-E-Maulai is at At Dongaon Tq.Ambad. Moulai Nuruddin was the a “Walī al-Hind” (representative/caretaker…

Jamb Samarth Temple
Jamb Samartha, Ghansawangi

Jamb Samarth, the place where the Sant Ramdas Swami born. This place is in Ghansavangi tahsil of Jalna district. The…