Places of Interest

Jalna Fort, Jalna

Nizam ul Mulk Asaf Jah ordered Kabil Khan in 1725 to build the Jalna fort together with citadel to the east of the town and which is known as Mastgad. The citadel has Persian inscription with construction date and a large well containing a series of galleries and chambers which are now filled up with waste.

Moti Lake, Jalna

Jamshed Khan who built the Kali Masjid, inside the Mecca gate, together with the hamam, (bathhouse) and the sarai, also constructed the Moti Talab on west side of the town. A system of underground pipes routed water to reservoirs in the town, the largest of which is in the quadrangle of the Kali Masjid sarai. This system is no longer in working order now. When the city was at the height of its prosperity, there were five such tanks. A garden was also constructed near the talab known as Moti Bagh.

Chhatrapati Sambhaji Garden, Jalna

Also known as Moti Bagh, this beautiful garden is famous among for play activities, mini train and colourful water dance.

Ghanewadi Lake

Ghanewadi Talab was built by Mr. Bezonji Faridoonji Jalnawalla in 1931 for the use of people of Jalna. Mr. Bezonji was a contributor for various charity projects in Jalna. The lake was only source of water for Jalna city but now it is now in bad condition.